What is arrears in ptcl bill?
Arrears is the unpaid amount. PTCL rounds the bill amount in tens therefore there could be a small amount that cuts off in order to make payment convenient for the cashier as well as the consumer.

Can I get ptcl duplicate bill without account id?
No! you can not get duplicate ptcl bill online without account id, but you can still check ptcl bill amount and payment status.

What is PTCL account ID?
Account ID is a unique, ten-digit number which assigned to each ptcl customer. You can find it on your PTCL bills. Using Account ID, you can print out your duplicate bill.

What is the PTCL MDN number?
Mobile Directory Number (MDN) is a number that is available on the CharJi Device box. Using the MDN number, you can check out your Evo bill.