PTCL Tax Certificate Information

PTCL tax certificate/PTCL withholding tax certificate 2022

Pakistan Telecommunication Company is providing the best communicative services to their customers in return users also pay tax at the end of the year.

After paying tax, the customer demands a tax certificate from the company. So now you can get your PTCL tax certificate for landline and EVO/charji services very easily with the help of the internet online.

What is a withholding tax certificate?

Typically, withholding tax, or a retention tax, is an income tax to be paid to the government by the payer of the income rather than by the recipient of the income. The tax is thus withheld or deducted from the income due to the recipient. In most jurisdictions, the withholding tax applies to employment income.

How to get a PTCL tax certificate?

This so far so easy now to get your PTCL tax certificate online by doing these simple steps:

  1. Go on the official website to get the latest PTCL certificate.
  2. Choose the service type whether it is a landline or EVO/charji.
  3. Write down the account ID (mentioned on your bill).
  4. Select the area code and put your phone number.
  5. Select the period for the WHT statement.
  6. Solve the captcha and write down alphabets in the blank box.
  7. Now click on the "Inquire Tax".

How to download the PTCL Tax certificate?

After completing all those steps mentioned above you would be redirected to the page. It will show a required certificate on his/her screen. Now here you can also download it as well.


Through this article, we tried to discuss all the details related to the PTCL tax certificate. We have given complete guidance, but if you are still confused about anything related to this topic you can ask by leaving a comment. We will try to solve it for you as soon as possible.