Find PTCL Account ID

PTCL Account ID is necessary to check ptcl bill. You can find account id on any old bill copy, but if you don't even have any old bill copy, then we can help you to get your account id. You can retrieve it by entering landline number. You will receive an SMS on your mobile number with your ptcl account id.

ptcl account id sms

Now, lets see how you can get this SMS!
For this purpose, you have to visit In this page, ignore all other fields, and only enter your Telephone Number with area code. See the screenshot below for reference:

phone number input

After entering your full phone number (with area code), click on Know your Account ID button in top right corner, and you will quickly receive an SMS on your mobile number that you registered with PTCL. You can get your account id from this SMS and enter it here to retrieve your latest ptcl bill.

know account id

Great, now that you have your phone number and account id, you are ready to see check your ptcl bill. Click here to check PTCL bill now!